On a dark Autumn night, two young Black men enter a frat house and find more than they bargained for.

Starring: Justin Winley, Ibrahim Traore, Steven Robertson & Kai Junn Lathrop

Written & Directed: Wes Andre Goodrich
Produced by: Donovan Toledo
Director of Photography: Dahveed Wilkins
Edited & Sound Mixed by Kamilah Kashanie
Assistant Director: Dish Petrie
Assistant Camera: Jason Llaguno
Fight Choreographer: Lindsay Fabes
Gaffer: Chad Hamilton
Sound Engineer: Olivia Peralta
Production Design: John LaCosta
Script Supervisor: Lunise Cerin
Music by: JusticeHMix

It’s after midnight in Chicago on December 4, 1969 and young Black revolutionary Fred Hampton only has a couple hours to live. The FBI is tracking him, the Chicago Police are outside his door and there’s a mole in his ranks. But all Fred can think about is his unborn child and the divided country it will be birthed into. “Goodnight, Fred” is the true story of a young black man, his girlfriend and his sudden, tragic demise.

Starring: Chinara Stroman, Prince-Anthony Hall & Sean Augustin

Directed & Written by Wes Goodrich
Director of Photography: Ray Pendleton

Assistant Director: Dish Petrie
Edited and Sound Mixed: Kamilah Kashanie
Art Director: Tom Whipple
Costume Designer: Sophie Stratyner
Sound Designer: M Buckley
Gaffer: Emily Kordvich
Asst. Camera: Jenna Roscoe
2nd Asst. Camera Joe Winograd